Yen Gains Momentum

This week on global stocks was absolutely brutal. We dropped from almost all-time highs to the lowest levels since October. Almost 4 months of rises wiped out in a week. That has to hurt. On the Forex Market, we have the dominance of safe heaven currencies: CHF and JPY In this analysis, I will analyze the situation on the Japanese Yen.

First, Yen Index. First signs of power appeared on Monday, when the index confirmed the false breakout below important mid-term support (827). Other steps were made on Wednesday and Thursday, when the price broke the mid-term down trendline and the horizontal resistance on the 837. Yesterday’s candle just made everything clear – buyers are fully controlling the situation at the moment. Sentiment for Japanese currency is currently positive.

Now, USDJPY, which we analyzed recently. In our previous analysis we pointed out the giant symmetric triangle and the breakout to the upside. In theory, that was a great buy signal. Just in theory though as in practice, the price met a worthy opponent – highs from the 2019. This is were the price reversed and created a false breakout pattern. Now we are back below the upper line of the triangle, which is a very negative signal for the nearest future.

Now, everyone’s favorite, one and only – GBP/JPY. Here, the situation is pretty clear. The price broke the 141 support, which automatically switched the sentiment into a negative one. This level was a crucial resistance from October to December 2019 and later a crucial support, till yesterday. Price staying below this area is definitely pessimistic.

Yen Gains Momentum

Axiory Analysis

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