USDX Elliott Wave View: Downside Resumes

Short term USDX (USD Index) Elliott Wave view suggests the rally to 97.88 high on 6/20 ended Intermediate wave (X). Decline from there is unfolding as an impulse Elliott Wave structure with extension and ended at 95.47 low on 6/29. This 5 wave move could be Minor wave A of an Elliott wave zigzag structure structure, where Minute wave ((i)) ended at 97.17 and Minute wave ((ii)) ended at 97.47. Minute wave ((iii)) ended at 96.15, Minute wave ((iv)) at 96.61 and Minute wave ((v)) of A ended at 95.47.

Revised view calls for Minor wave B bounce completed at 96.52. For this view, a break below Minor wave A at 95.47 will add more validity. Until then, a double correction in Minor wave B can’t be completely ruled out. The subpision of Minor wave B is unfolding as an Elliott wave double three structure. Minute wave ((w)) ended at 96.24, Minute wave ((x)) ended at 96.04 and Minute wave ((y)) of B ended at 96.52. Near term, while bounces stay below Minor wave B at 96.52, expect the Index to resume lower. We don’t like buying the Index.

USDX 1 Hour Elliott Wave Chart

USDX July 7 Hourly Chart

EW cycle

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