USD: Tango Down

Donald Trump is not thrilled about the interest-rate hikes, most probably You will read that everywhere today. Well, it is not very often that the POTUS says something like that and shows openly his attitude towards FED and their monetary policy. On the markets, we have small earthquake. Dollar is loosing value, let;s see how it affects instruments on the FX:

EUR/USD before this made new monthly lows. That was a proper sell signal but thanks to Trump it got denied. EUR/USD surged higher and came back above the lower line of the triangle. The sell signal is cancelled.

Gold created a second hammer in the row. Actually they are creating the third one as we speak. The place is not random. It is a strong historical support. That can be a start of a bigger bullish correction. On the H1 chart, we do have an inverse head and shoulders pattern.

EUR/AUD is not connected with the USD so we can have more technical movement here. The price bounced from the mid-term horizontal resistance and created a shooting star. That gives us a nice selling opportunity. Potential target is on the 50% Fibonacci.

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