USD On The Loose

All setups today are with the USD and all of them have a proper sell signal. They were covered by us many times in the past few days, so you should not be surprised with the current price movements. We start with the EUR/USD, which is on the loose after breaking the lower line of the rectangle pattern. That increased the momentum and allowed the price to break the up trendline. Seems that buyers abandoned the ship completely as today, the price reached the ultimate support on the 1.153. We have a small battle here but the selling pressure is huge!

Next one is GBP/USD, which is going down after breaking the lower line of the channel up formation and then, the lower line of the flag pattern. Most recently, the price broke the 38,2% Fibonacci and then, used that as a resistance. Sell signal is on!

Last one is the AUD/USD, where in my opinion, the sell signal is the most technical one. The price bounced from the long-term down trendline using a double top formation. What is more, we broke the lower line of the flag. Tuesday starts with a huge drop. The first target is on the lows from September.

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