Minor FX Follow-Through And Pullback: Perhaps Range Trading

The dollar provided the push higher for the most part and we should see those highs early in the Asian centre. EUR/USD should soon see the (cyan) Wave -a- for a pullback – equally USD/CHF also. GBP/USD saw some decent losses – but equally quite a deep pullback in the Wave iv. This tends to suggest the potential for a minor new low to form the (cyan) Wave -a-/-iii- and a pullback in Wave -b-/-iii-. I had expected a stronger rally in USDJ/PY but instead decided that it wanted to form an expanded flat – although it hasn’t yet completed.

This tends to suggest that we should be looking to take short-term profits over today and maybe into tomorrow.

Even EUR/JPY is approaching a (purple) Wave -a-/-iii- so that basically should see a pullback and once USD/JPY has completed the expanded flat it should rally to the targets I had expected yesterday. That should provide a decent pullback in the cross.

As for AUD/USD… well, it failed to reach above 0.7314 but finally decided that it would just go and break below the Wave iv… So we should have seen the high…

Overall, take care today. It suggests a ragged development…

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