How Will June End For The Dollar?

As mentioned yesterday, correction on the American Dollar is coming to an end. Right on time, as today we are fighting for a weekly candle (and monthly one!), so in other words, we are about to provide the starting sentiment for the beginning of the next week (and month). Apparently this one will be negative for the USD and we will be able to come back to the main trend seen throughout the June.

Dollar Index successfully defended the long-term up trendline as a closest resistance. That is a conformation of the sell signal, which was triggered, when the price broke this line on the 21st of June. I expect the price to drop towards the support on the 94.9

EUR/USD successfully defended the neckline of the Inverse Head and Shoulders formation and the horizontal support on the 1.134. That confirms the buy signal from the 21st of June, which was triggered during the bullish breakout. You see how it all works out together?

Similar situation is happening on the USD/JPY. Here, the price tested the lower line of the symmetric triangle and bounced from it creating a daily candle with a long head. Today, the price is creating a candle with a large bearish body, which shows us that traders agreed on the direction. The sell signal is ON.

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