GBP/USD has been behaving erratically and randomly, up one day, down the next day in the sideways trend through July so far.

EUR/GBP topped exactly at first resistance at 8555/75 on the bounce.

GBP/NZD no pattern or trend to judge direction—moves are random and erratic.


GBP/USD was on the way to very minor support at recent lows at 1.3745/35 on Friday. A break below 1.3725 this week targets the 200 day moving average at 1.3700/1.3690. A break below 1.3680 is a sell signal targeting 1.3585/65. First resistance at 1.3835/55. Shorts need stops above 1.3860.

EUR/GBP shorts at first resistance at 8555/75 to re-target 8530/8520 and perhaps as far as last week’s low at 8505/00. We are in a slow bear trend so a break lower targets 8480/70. First resistance at 8555/75. A break higher targets 8615/20. Above here is a buy signal initially targeting 8640/50, perhaps as far as 8670.

GBP/NZD holding below 1.9665/55 targets 1.9570/60. Holding above 1.9665/55 can target first resistance at 1.9770/80. A break above 1.9800 targets 1.9840/45.

GBP Chart

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