GBP/JPY Elliott Wave View: Ending correction

GBP/JPY Short Term Elliott Wave suggests that the decline to 8/23 low at 139.27 ended Minor wave W. Minor wave X bounce is currently unfolding as a double three Elliott Wave Structure. Minute wave ((w)) of X ended at 141.47, Minute wave ((x)) of X ended at 139.98, and Minute wave ((y)) of X is subpided into a FLAT.

Minutte wave (a) of ((y)) ended at 141.09 and Minutte wave (b) of ((y)) ended at 140.39. Minute wave ((y)) of X has now reached 1.236 extension of ((w))-((x)) and thus the cycle from 8/23 low (139.27) is mature. Sellers may appear anytime from 142.65 – 143.49 area for an extension lower or at least a 3 waves pullback. We don’t like buying the pair.

GBP/JPY 1 Hour Elliott Wave View

GBP/JPY 1 Hour Aug 31

Elliot Wave Degree

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