AUD/USD longs at strong support at 7140/20 worked perfectly on the run to first resistance at 7175/85 and as far as strong resistance at 7220/30. We topped exactly here. Shorts need stops above 7245.

NZD/USD unexpectedly headed higher through resistance at 6870/80 for a sell opportunity at 6910/20. Stop above 6930.

AUD/JPY longs at 7810/00 worked perfectly on the bounce to first resistance at 7895/7905 for a quick 85 pip profit.

Today’s Analysis

AUD/USD has strong resistance at 7220/30. Shorts need stops above 7245. A break higher targets 7265 then strong resistance at 7300/10. Shorts need stops above 7325. Shorts at strong resistance at 7220/30 target 7185/75. If we continue lower look for 7150/40 for profit taking. Strong support at 7140/20, stop below 7095.

NZD/USD sell opportunity at 6910/20. Stop above 6930. A break higher is a buy signal targeting 6945/50 and a sell opportunity 6970/80. Shorts need stops above 7000.

AUD/JPY hit first resistance at 7895/7905 for profit taking. Looks like we are continuing higher to resistance at 7970/80. Watch for a high for the day. Shorts need stops above 8005. Support at 7810/00. Longs need stops below 7780. A break lower is a sell signal targeting 7740, 7710/00 and probably as far as strong support at 7680/70.

AUD Chart

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