EUR/USD To Proceed Long Above 1.12400 And 1.1271

Good morning. Hope all is well! We were a bit off on our forecast for yesterday with only a 43% accuracy. We did end up taking a mixed stance for yesterday. Looks like both the yen and the greenback has let out a lot of steam through the day. Yen, pound and CAD pairs are on our watch list for today due to the fundamentals. We could see the weakness for yesterday continue on both the currencies. Not adding any hedged pairs to offset the risk. Happy trading!

Forecasts Outlook

  • US Dollar: Weak
  • Today we’re expecting the EUR/USD to proceed Long above the barrier levels of 1.12400 and 1.12712.

Fundamental Watch

  • Monetary Policy Statement
  • BOJ Press Conference
  • Manufacturing Production m/m
  • Building Permits m/m


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